In 2011, just after my daughter's first birthday, my world was shaken to its core when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

As someone who had always prioritized health and wellness, the news of cancer was not just shocking but deeply unsettling. I was a new mother, brimming with dreams for my child, yet suddenly faced with a daunting battle for survival. The decision to undergo conventional treatments was driven by a fierce desire to be there for my baby, despite my apprehensions about chemotherapy and its effects on my body.

The journey through traditional treatments was a test of endurance. While the medical community provided invaluable support during the treatments, I found myself adrift once they ended, grappling with the fear of recurrence and a profound sense of isolation. There was a conspicuous absence of guidance on how to move forward, how to prevent the cancer from returning.


Embracing an Integrative Approach

This lack of post-treatment support led me to question the conventional approach when I was diagnosed a second time. I had done everything 'right' the first time, yet here I was again, facing the same enemy. It was a pivotal moment that steered me towards a path less traveled – an integrative approach to healing. I needed to revolutionize my life to ensure that I could close the chapter on cancer for good.

My quest for alternatives led me to the documentary "The Truth About Cancer," which opened my eyes to a world of possibilities beyond conventional medicine. It was here that I discovered Dr. V, the Breast Cancer Conqueror®, and her 7 Essentials System® for healing. Becoming her client was a decision that not only catalyzed my healing journey but also redefined my professional path.



A New Purpose in Marketing

With a background in marketing, I found a new purpose in joining Dr. V's team. Leading her marketing efforts was not just a job; it was a personal crusade. It allowed me to deepen my understanding of healing, connect with other women battling cancer, and amplify a message that could reach and help many more.

My passion for helping others, coupled with my personal and professional experiences in health and wellness, ignited a desire to assist a broader range of practitioners. From life coaches and naturopaths to yoga instructors and thermography companies, I've had the privilege of working with diverse wellness professionals, helping them extend their reach and impact.


Empowering Practitioners with Empathy and Expertise

At LoveLight Marketing, my mission is to empower health and wellness practitioners with marketing strategies that resonate with their ethos and amplify their healing message. My journey has taught me the power of resilience, the importance of alternative perspectives, and the transformative impact of empathetic, informed support. I bring these insights to every campaign, every strategy, and every story we tell, ensuring that your message not only reaches but truly connects with those who need it most.


Let's Create Something Remarkable Together

Are you ready to take your health and wellness brand to new heights? At LoveLight Marketing, we're not just about creating ads; we're about creating legacies. Let's work together to craft a marketing strategy that resonates with your ethos and connects deeply with your audience.

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